Solving the mystery of stem cell aging

Stem cells are essential for maintaining tissue health. The functionality of stem cells declines during aging. This decline contributes to physiological deterioration during aging and can lead to diseases.

Our research aims to understand how stem cells age and whether we could use this knowledge to develop therapeutic approaches to maintain stem cell function during aging and in disease prevention.   

Our research

Stem cell size in health and disease.

We discovered that cellular enlargement contributes to the functional decline of stem cells during aging. Our aim is to understand how size affects stem cell function during aging. For these studies we mainly use blood (hematopoietic) stem cells.

Ongoing research projects:

We use molecular profiling and mouse models to identify the molecular mechanisms impairing fitness of large stem cells focusing particularly on metabolism.

We aim to identify ways to rejuvenate stem cells by affecting their size. The goal of this project is to find ways how to improve stem cell function during aging and in disease.

We utilize blood stem cells from mice and humans to identify factors that facilitate leukemia in vivo and to investigate the underlying mechanisms.

About us

One lab, two locations.

The University of Helsinki (UH) is one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities and ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. We are part of the Institute of Biotechnology at UH that houses multidisciplinary research groups and excellent infrastructures..

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is Sweden’s single largest center of medical academic research and consistently ranked amongst the world’s best medical schools. We are located at the HERM – Department of Medicine that conducts biomedical research at the international research front.

Our funding sources

Åke Wibergs stiftelse

Cancer Foundation Finland

Dr. Åke Olsson Foundation​

Instrumentarium Science Foundation

Sigrid Juselius Stiftelse


Swedish Research Council

Karolinska Institutet

Centre of Excellence Research Council of Finland

Helsinki Institute
of Life Science

Loo and Hans Osterman Foundation

University of Helsinki - Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (DPBM)

European Research Council

Latest news from the Lab

We are hiring for new postdoc and PhD student positions

Join our dynamic research team at the University of Helsinki exploring the impact of cellular enlargement on stem cell function during aging. View our open positions at: jobs.helsinki.fi

Deadline: 25th July 2024

Jette receives ERC Starting Grant

Over the moon to receive an ERC Starting Grant! We will study how the size of stem cells affects their function. Soon positions available.

First review of the lab published. Congratulations, Daniel and team!

Cellular enlargement - A new hallmark of aging? We highlight the “hidden” connection between cell size and aging-related pathologies in many cell types.

Thanks to Swedish Research Council​ for awarding us the Starting Grant! We will study  how size affects blood stem cells

A new lab tradition is born 😀