Lab News


2022 July - Welcome Emilie!

We are very excited for Emilie joining the lab as postdoc! She is will investigate the mechanisms connecting changes in HSC size to their dysfunction during age-related diseases. Stay tuned for her novel research approaches!


2022 July - Welcome Mara!

Mara joins us as part of her lab technician training. Great that you are part of the team!

2022 July - Kim will join as PhD student! Hurray!

Welcome to the lab! Kim Van den Handel will continue in the lab as PhD student investigating how extrinsic factors affect hematopoietic stem cell size. We are excited to have you in the team!

2022 March - Sigrid Juselius Stiftelse supports our research!​

Thanks to Sigrid Juselius Stiftelse for the amazing support to analyze how extrinsic factors affect the size of blood stem cells!

Jette and Evgeny Zatulovskiy are editors of new research topic to be published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

In this research topic, we strive to present a collection of papers showing specific examples of how cell size affects different aspects of cellular physiology during health and disease, and how cells regulate their size. Great opportunity: Submit you abstract/manuscript!


Submission Deadlines:

18 February 2022      Abstract
20 June 2022            Manuscript

2022 January - Instrumentarium Science Foundation supports our research!

Thanks to Instrumentarium Science Foundation for an amazing fellowship! We will continue our studies on how size affects blood stem cells!

2021 November - Åke Wibergs Stiftelse supports our research!

The foundation distributes grants in the field of medical research. The Lengefeld lab will be supported to investigate how the microenvironment influences leukemia!

2021 November - Cancer Foundation Finland supports our research!

The Cancer Society of Finland aims aim  to ensure a good quality of life for everyone, free from cancer and regardless of cancer. The Lengefeld lab will be supported to investigate cellular and molecular signals in leukemia initiation!

2021 October - Jeanssons Stiftelser supports our research!

The Jeansson Stiftelser supports medical research by annually providing research grants. The Lengefeld lab will be supported to investigate how the size of stem cells affects their decline during aging and cancer.

2021 October 

We are excited that the Lengefeld lab is now part of the
Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism

2021 October 

Stay tuned for Lengefeld lab talk at HiLIFE Webinars
10/04/2021 from 12:00PM- 1:00 PM Finnish time

2021 August

Stay tuned for Lengefeld lab talk at Boston Children’s Hospital
9/23/2021 from 4:00PM- 5:00 PM East Coast US time

2021 August - ISEH meeting 2021

Lengefeld lab is chair and presents a lightning talk in the HSC biology session at ISEH2021Friday 8/27/2021 from 11:00AM- 12:00 PM East Coast US time

We have a great program! See you there